Preventive Care Specialists in Anchorage

We know that you want your family to experience excellence in oral health care. From finely crafted general dentistry to smile-enhancing cosmetic services, Dr. Kiley provides Anchorage with personalized, comprehensive dental care. Whatever your dental status, we’ll take the time to get to know you so we can give you the best individual care possible. Of course, Dr. Kiley encourages his patients to practice prevention through good home care and consistent hygiene treatments.

Scientific advances have begun to establish connections between the inflammation of tooth and gum disease and the progression of diabetes, obesity, heart and vessel disease, and dementia. As methods are developed to help us control oral factors, we have the potential to improve other areas of our lives and health. It is very exciting for Dr. Kiley and our staff to be involved in such a gratifying area of healthcare.

We routinely perform oral cancer and gum disease screenings and periodontal therapy. When more than prevention is needed, we can provide the full range of modern restorative services as well.

Great dentistry is more than just a white smile. We’re proud to partner with ADA to provide you with the best care possible.
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Chew and Smile Comfortably

Dr. Dan Kiley offers comprehensive general and family dentistry services for Anchorage patients of all ages and in all stages of oral health. Our entire Anchorage team recognizes that the health of your teeth and gums is directly linked to your overall wellness and quality of life. That’s why, as your general and family dentistry office in Anchorage, we provide you and your entire family with excellent family dental care that’s been tailored to your specific oral health needs and goals. Every patient is important to us!

When you and your family come to our Anchorage family dentistry office for care, you’ll discover that we have the knowledge and resources to maintain and restore the health of your teeth and gums. At his committed family dentistry office in Anchorage, Dr. Kiley works with his experienced team every week to perform a comprehensive range of important dental therapies, including thorough and comfortable hygiene visits, natural-looking fillings and crowns, and fine gold and porcelain restorations. Our Anchorage general dentistry office also restores dental implants and provides patients with (root canal) therapy, both of which help restore a smile’s functionality and oral health.

A healthy smile for a healthy you.