Fillings that look and feel like natural teeth.

Maintaining Your Healthy Smile

Age, diet, plaque, accident, injury, disease… all can result in damaged or missing teeth, but it doesn’t have to be devastating. We offer a full range of proven dental techniques, so we can offer and deliver the treatment you want and deserve. For some, that may mean resolving a gum or root infection. Fillings can restore teeth to a natural-looking, healthy state. The tooth/composite bond also supports the existing tooth structure, which prevents fracture and prevents the root from painful temperature changes. What’s more, tooth-colored fillings converse natural tooth structure, increasing the lifespan of the smile you already have.

If you lose a tooth or teeth, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life with the gaps and spaces. Missing teeth should actually be replaced as soon as possible to prevent additional damage, such as shifting and jawbone loss. A crown and bridge can restore your full and healthy smile. Those services may include cosmetic dentistry, as well as full-mouth reconstruction. With each, we can help our Anchorage patients meet their oral health needs, resulting in improvements in functionality, oral health, and even self-confidence.

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Is Replacement Necessary

For some patients, traditional restorative options like dentures or crown and bridgework are the best option for restoring structure, strength, and function to a damaged smile. As great as these options are, though, there’s another restorative option that Dr. Dan Kiley and his Anchorage team would like you to know about–dental implants. With implant dentistry in Anchorage, you may not have to choose between bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. That’s because dental implants are designed to give patients a more durable and natural-looking solution, one that’s as close to “permanent” as dentistry can offer.

For some people however, all the developments made in restorative services and therapies have not been sufficient to prevent tooth loss; and dental implants may not be the correct course of action. For many, dentures may be the answer. A denture is a dental device to replace some missing teeth. Others welcome full dentures as the alternative to having no teeth at all. If teeth were lost because of infection or trauma, the denture may also substitute for missing gum and bone tissue and act to help support cheeks and lips.

Modern advancements in filling technology and enhanced patient care have made the procedure a breeze.